Leaza wins €250,000 investment


Leaza wins €250,000 investment

In 2017 DLL launched a European wide innovation competition in search of the next most innovative idea. The goal was to find an idea that which was fresh, inline or beyond the latest trends and brings the most value to its customers.

We as an Irish team had an idea of making day to day services available and accessible through the oldest form of communication known to mankind, a conversation. The problem that we wanted to eliminate was the everyday additional tasks performed by our internal and external sales force. By enabling leasing skills through a conversational platform, we allow them to engage with these service on the go, which allows them to utilize idle time in the car instead of family time at home to prepare their day to day activities. From this customer and problem identification Leaza was born!

All European countries were to choose their representative for the European semifinals. In Ireland the 12 semi-finalists pitch their ideas for the jury. Through a rigorous process of elimination, these ideas were whittled down to 4 finalists.

The finals were held in our European headquarters in the beautiful city of Eindhoven. When Leaza came on stage on 23rd of November 2017, it was clear the competition was though, and the ideas being pitched were strong. The Final 4 battled it out where each team had a 10 minutes pitch to wow the jury of senior DLL alumni. After a nerve wrecking 60 minute wait while the jury deliberated on the verdict the inevitable happened and Leaza came out on top AND WON THE €250.000 investment prize that was waiting for the winner, to implement the idea.

This is where the exciting journey for Leaza begins and by winning the investment allowed the team to proceed with the minimal viable product (MVP) delivery and roll-out.

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