Leaza – Operating as an Enterprise Start-Up


Operating as an Enterprise Start-Up

What problem do you solve for what customer?

In this blog The Leaza™ Team will tell you about the journey we travelled the past few Months in creating the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Leaza. We are sure you are all as excited for my coming debut.

It is an exciting period where we learned a lot about ramping up an enterprise startup. We have been establishing Leaza’s brand and we have trademarked the fabulous name Leaza™. There will be blogs and a movie that exhibits details on all the wonderful capabilities Leaza has, where she can be showcased and on which well-known platforms she will be available. And much more! Please check in on www.leaza.ie and @LeazaVoice as it will have the latest updates.

Our identity is almost there!

The technical team is developing Leaza itself using the latest Microsoft chatbot framework, cognitive and artificial intelligence services, and targeting the delivery to work with Skype and Amazon Alexa channels. We have had to innovate and pivot to ensure the idea is being realized as we are working with technology that is cutting edge and sometimes in its incubation state.

The key learnings of the past period are many, but we want to highlight a few here. First, it is key to ask yourself constantly “what problem do you solve for what customer”. We can have a great idea that we think is a game changer but if no customer will use it to solve their problems, it will probably fade away in the unknown. Second, we were very strict in acting like a startup avoiding we got impacted by enterprise policies and rules. Do not get us wrong, the enterprise policies and rules are important and required, but in a venture like this, where risk for the company is controlled, we wanted to act like a real startup to get the full mindset right. This allowed us to focus on good product development. Lastly, we experienced that a well-balanced and diverse team is a huge success factor in startups. The Leaza team consisted of different characters with different expertise. This varied experience made is easy to cover the broad spectrum of skills needs within a Start-Up but also allowed us to keep on challenging each other in a constructive manner. Having different cultural backgrounds within a single team is also a great asset.

Next to the above, we keep on working very closely with selected customers, our angel investors and industry specialists. They have given their input about their daily problems that Leaza can solve. We are using this input to plan Leaza’s future. Of course, we appreciate all input very much.

In future posts, we will detail our recommendations for other budding entrepreneur operating within an enterprise setting.

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The Leaza™ Team

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