Leaza at the Emerce-Eday Conference


Leaza at the Emerce-Eday Conference

On the 11th of October a big event took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands called Emerce-Eday. It is an event where a lot of digital people gather to learn about the latest trends and exchange experiences and views.

A hot topic at this years conference day was the conversational chat-bot. Many companies are investing and creating chat-bot proof of concepts (POCs) in some way shape or form.

Leaza – the friendly finance and customer service chatbot, was also there!! In one of the breakout sessions, we presented Leaza to an eager and inquisitive audience. We talked about how a conversational dialog is designed, what do you need to be aware in these designs, and what can be the common pitfalls. Additionally, we elaborated on how Leaza evolved from an idea to a production released minimal viable product (MVP). You can read about the latter in our other news articles.

The Conversational Dialog

The design of a conversational dialog for an Artificial Intelligence enabled chat-bot is different compared to a more common user interaction flow on a mobile app and a web solution. As the word states it is a conversation and not a visual flow. The key is to understand that the input of a conversation from a customer is less enforced and can be free flowing. Basically, a person conversing with a chat-bot can say anything. Think of phrases like ‘do you like me’, ‘will you marry me’ or ‘what is the meaning of life’. That ‘anything’ needs be handled in by a strong robust design and needs to be responded to in a proper and graceful manner. If the conversational dialog is not handled correctly, the customer will get frustrated and stop using the conversational chat-bot. As a good principle a conversational bot can never have a dead end, meaning that the user input will cause no response at all, or even worse result in unexpected behavior.

Is my Chat-bot way too happy?

Another important topic discussed was sentiment, moods and feeling of chat-bots: how does a conversational chat-bot handle different users with different sentiments. The big technology companies are investing a lot to enhance the experience based on sentiment and emotion. As you can imagine it would be awkward if the response of a chat-bot to a happy customer, is very formal. On the other hand, it would be also very strange that the response to a not so happy customer is a very happy response from the chat-bot.

Chat-bot Branding

More very interesting topics arose during our talks and one of the most intriguing was related to how conversational chat-bots impacts on your brand. It’s fair to state that logo and color are a less relevant brand artifact of your product when customers are engaging directly via a conversational chat-bot compared with more traditional visual user experiences. In this case the voice, and tone of voice comes in to consideration when ensuring brand consistency. Questions like is your brand male or female, high pitch or low pitch, but also formal (‘Good morning’) or more informal (‘Howdy’) become important drivers for brand development. We had some very good discussions on this topic and shared as much knowledge and experience as we could. We plan to blog exclusively on the brand creation journey of a chat-bot soon!

Work done…let’s eat!

After the presentation to a wider audience, the Leaza Team was invited by Avanade to an informal lunch with a targeted audience who were all very keen to learn about the steps needed to launch an enterprise grade chat-bot which is powered by A.I. and smart financial APIs. Among others, the audience consisted of companies from various industries looking for conversational bots helping their business extending their digital customer journeys.

Summary of the Day

Conversational chat-bots are hot, they open a lot of new opportunities interacting with your customers. However, delivering chat-bots (especially enterprise grade ones) also requires a new way of thinking about solution delivery and especially requires you to reassess your views on sentiment and brand. Oh, and it helps if you have a robust and efficient API eco-system at your disposal!

Don’t be a stranger.

The Leaza™ Team

Driving Conversations Forward!

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