Leaza – Introduces a Web-Chat Widget


Leaza’s Introduces  a Web-Chat Widget

Up until today, Leaza has been available on Alexa and Skype, and now we are pleased to announce that we also introduce Leaza via Web Chat. You can now complete finance calculations in a conversational fashion on your web site or web portal. It’s available to try out on www.leaza.ie/try-me.

Conversational financing calculations & quoting

Imagine that you can also introduce Leaza on your web site where your customer can make a finance calculation simply by chatting with Leaza, thus helping him/her through the process. At any time, the customer can ask Leaza for help.

But there is more; if the customer wants to save the calculation, an overview can be sent by Leaza to his/her preferred mailbox.

You are more than welcome to try it out and, if you are interested to have Leaza available on your website, then feel free to reach out to us!

More Voice and Chat features coming soon!

We have also secured extra funding to help Leaza learn new skills and features allowing her to help the customer to do business easier, better and faster. Additionally, we want to make Leaza act as guru on finance topics. So, the customer can ask what finance is, what is an operating lease, what is a financial lease, and so on. Leaza likes to learn things that matter to the customer – so let us know what you think Leaza should learn. We’re looking forward to conversing with you!

We as a team have built up a lot of knowledge relating to how an appropriately positioned conversational chatbot and voice-first technology can improve business and enhance the customer experience. We are interested in your viewpoints and are very open to join your venture in the space of finance using new technologies like the voice and conversational chatbots. If you want to soundboard, need help in understanding the do and don’ts, then we are open to offer our expertise and join your journey to great user experiences.

Don’t be a stranger – let’s drive conversations forward!

The Leaza™ Team

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