Customer Engagement in a Digital World


Customer Engagement in a Digital World

Do you remember…

Do you remember the time when the only way to communicate with computers involved a stack of punch cards? Experts were preparing those punch cards for days to be able to execute even trivial calculations. Even before that people could only set switches, plug and unplug cables into a huge machine called a computer. 

Then, when computers were hooked up with TV screens, people could tell the computer what to do by commands. The person had to know all the various commands to get a proper result. That then evolved into the ASCII based input screens, you remember the green or orange labels and you had to ‘tab’ through the next input fields. Finally, and used today all over the world, are the graphical input displays on various screens which support our more familiar means of using keyboards, mice, touch pads, touch screens, gestures and more. The world is now entering a new way of experience and allow to communicate with computers using the oldest way of communication in the world: a conversation.

Conversational User Interface (CUI)

Most people understand what a conversation is. We learn the importance of communication and conversing from a very young age and for most people, conversation, is the most convenient way to communicate.  

As a conversational interface experiment, we demonstrated Leaza’s voice capabilities to a group of elderly men (75 years +). The group of people openly admitted to having daily struggles with installing and understanding apps, web sites and their navigation systems. To say the least, they find the new digital world challenging. Nevertheless, they were very pleasantly impressed by Leaza but remarked that Leaza was probably only an innovation for the youngsters among us in this digital world.  

Conversational interfaces remove perceived technical challenges 

As we explained that they just had to talk to Leaza and she will guide them through the conversation, they immediately grasped that this way of communicating with a system is quite straightforward, even for them. On the funny side: they found the phrase “Leaza quit” funny as they acknowledged this never worked for them at home with their better halves. 

Create a Conversational Strategy now!

Although the conversational user interface space is still maturing, it is important you join the journey and grasp the new way of customer interaction to stay ahead of your competitors. Conversational engagement is becoming mainstream fast and more and more customers will demand this type of convenient and hands-free engagement. It also allows paves the way to deliver new products to delight your existing and new customers.  

Leaza believes that conversational user interface design is not limited to chat-bots, but you can start today by revisiting existing digital solutions and explore if they represent a conversation. Most of the digital solutions today represents a business process that the customer must learn and adapt to. We will elaborate more on the topic “conversational design” soon, so stay tuned! 

Don’t be a stranger. 

The Leaza™ Team 

Driving Conversations Forward! 


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