Leaza and Amazon Alexa Echo Auto

Leaza - Amazon Alexa Auto

Leaza and Amazon Alexa Auto

We care when you are on the go!

Did you know that Leaza is not the only one who cares when you are on the go? Over the last year and half the Amazon Alexa team have been busy refining the Amazon Alexa Echo Auto. Since the Echo Auto’s initial invitation only launch in 2018, Amazon have worked hard to introduce Amazon Alexa features especially for the in car scenario and have tested their new device across hundreds of car models with manufacturing dates of some even going back a decade. The result is that now you can enjoy Alexa features as you drive making your driving experience even more fun. Perhaps most importantly having access to voice enabled features makes your driving safer as you can now keep all available hands on the wheel rather than being tempted to reach for your mobile device!

One of the customer pains we identified during the innovation phases of Leaza, was that customers could not engage with traditional digital offerings, like mobile and web, while driving. There are many studies and reports correlating the usage of mobile telephones while driving and increased motor vehicle accidents. In fact, most countries now prohibit the use of handheld devices while driving. The identified pain was one of the motivations for the creation of Leaza to allow salespeople engage with financing and assessment capabilities through the medium of a natural conversation. With the introduction of the Alexa Echo Auto, it’s now very easy to get access to Leaza directly in your car without the need to touch your phone or have the latest and greatest Alexa enabled in car capabilities.

The Amazon Alexa Auto

The Alexa Auto is a device you can install in your car. It connects with the Bluetooth of your car and your mobile phone. Once connected it can help you with various things like finding a parking spot, navigation, control the music, finding gas (see Alexa Auto) and now also Leaza – the friendly conversational chatbot.

Officially the Alexa Auto is only available in United States and therefore the localization features currently available in Europe are limited. The good news is that Amazon are busy preparing for worldwide launch and that is expected to happen in the coming months. Nevertheless, we got hold of one and installed in our car to showcase Leaza!. Check out the movie below.

The Alexa Auto was specific designed for an in-car environment and manages the expected noise and sounds very well. According to the Alexa Team, Alexa Auto even works while driving in a convertible – imagine the wind blowing and still you can do your business.

Now we talk business

Leaza is also available on the Alexa Auto device, like thousands of other skills. Leaza enables you as a salesperson to prepare for your next customer visit and quickly calculate a quote and send it to your email box ready to present it to your customer upon arrival. Of course, it goes without saying, the features you can think of are endless when it comes to using voice and Leaza. We are excited that the set of Leaza features will be extended in the coming months to further enhance your financial and leasing voice interaction capabilities.

Feel free to try out the official public Leaza Alexa Skill on your Amazon Alexa enabled devices (even the Alexa Echo Auto)!

Don’t be a stranger.

The Leaza™ Team

Driving Conversations Forward!


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