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Simply start a conversation with Leaza and let her help you get your work done.
Think of Leaza as your dedicated personal assistant who is always available to help.

Anywhere! Anytime! Anyway!

Leaza wants to help you become more efficient and seamlessly integrate into your life
via your existing chat apps and personal assistants meaning you can spend more time
on the important things in life!

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Hi Leaza, can you calculate a monthly payment for €20,000 over 5 years with an interest rate of 3%?

Are you a salesperson driving to your next appointment? Leaza can help you along your journey, ensuring you arrive safely and well prepared!

Alexa, start Leaza!

Are you a busy Mom or Dad or multi-tasker with your hands full? Leaza does the work so you can stay hands free


Millennial engrossed in your social media and chat app? Leaza keeps you updated!

No FOMO here LOL!

So, don’t be a stranger and keep in touch!

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