Who is LEAZA?


Leaza is your friendly finance chatbot who answers your questions
and supports you to get work done by leveraging her unique
artificial intelligence and integrations with the financial services sector!

Scroll down to learn all about the origins of Leaza and meet the award winning
creative team.

the Team

The team behind Leaza have more than 50 years of
experience in the financial services sector, IT
and cloud technologies.

The team’s experience allows Leaza to engage with a mature eco-system of financial and leasing APIs. As a result, Leaza benefits from having a stack of advanced financial capabilities immediately at her disposal. And for that reason, Leaza can expose these capabilities to you instantly through the means of a conversation across a range of communication channels.


a leading digital architect, engineer and innovative tech lead passionate about AI and Open APIs and their application in the financial and customer service industry

Frank Kilcommins


idea creator and digital evangelist

Stijn Struycken


Architect with great love for innovation

Ankush Shah


practical guy with a great capability to bring people together and solve complex finance

Wout van den Wildenberg


consumer and customer focused with a passion for delivering excellent customer service and end user experience

Ciara Smyth


The friendly Finance & Customer Service Chatbot


The Birth of

Although, the team toyed with the idea for sometime, LEAZA was introduced as part of
an innovation contest in late 2017.
Naturally, she won the award and has now been created using the latest technologies available today.


Chatbots & Smart Assistants

Bots are the new Apps!

In case you are unfamiliar with chatbots, the word “chatbot” is derived from “chat” and “robot”. They allow for highly engaging, conversational experiences, through voice and text. Leaza can be used on mobile devices using Skype and on popular smart assistants such Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With the introduction of deep learning technologies such as text-to-speech, automatic speech recognition, and natural language processing, Leaza can simulate human conversation and dialogue. The result is awesome!

Leaza is your friendly finance chatbot who answers your questions and supports you to get stuff done. She uses artificial intelligence integrated with core financial services.  This opens a new world of capabilities for you through the medium of a conversation. You can converse with Leaza in multiple ways like text chat and voice chat and Leaza will give you instant answers. Leaza exists to make your life easier. She is polite, patient and knowledgeable in the world of finance. Most importantly, she’s always learning and wants to explore new opportunities with you!


Leaza leverages a mature and ever-increasing stack of integrated financial services, customer service and innovative APIs all of which are integrated with financial service providers. Therefore, Leaza really has boundless development and learning capabilities. Certainly the present is exciting but the future possibilities are endless!

Currently, Leaza’s speciality is finance. She can calculate payment schedules for you based on what you ask. If required she will send you an email with all the quotation details. Leaza can play the game of QnA where she will answer various question about finance. Leaza hopes to learn more and more allowing you to ask her more questions.
Just ask her – “Leaza, what can you do?

So, don’t be a stranger and keep in touch!

Help Leaza to Drive Conversations Forward!