Why use LEAZA?


Apps are dead (or at least dying)!
Leaza uses the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and
cognitive services to provide you with a great user experience.
Leaza knows your time is precious and converts your idle-time into valuable-time

Idle-Time to Valuable-Time

Leaza will make sure you can prepare your next customer visit while driving on route.

You do not have to pull over to execute calculations or other business services. No working late the night to prepare for customer visits as this eats into your precious family time.

Leaza converts your idle time in the car into valuable efficient time without you becoming a liability on the road!

One-man Sales Team

Leaza gives you all the skills you need to prepare for your next sale and customer visit.

You no longer need to call your colleagues at the office to assist you in executing tasks you need to be completed in advance of the customer appointment. Free up your colleagues to focus on their own stuff and let Leaza empower you without being dependent on others.

Your Financial Self-Service Assistant

Leaza is super easy to use and you do not need to install yet another app, go to specific website or fumble with a spread-sheet.

Think of Leaza as just another person in your contact list.
She always available to help.


So, don’t be a stranger and keep in touch!

Help Leaza to Drive Conversations Forward!